Pulmonary Care Lung Issues


Pulmonary  Care Lung Issues

Critical Care Nursing is an important part of Nursing with a focus of complete care of the patients. Journal of Intensive and Critical Care Nursing is a newly launched Open access, Peer-reviewed scientific journal which will be dedicated to promote the scientific community dealing with utmost care of critically ill patients in the area of Critical Care Nursing, Intensive Care Medicine, Emergency and Critical Care.

Patients who Facing Lung Issues

Patients whose lungs become inflamed because of injury or infection often find it difficult to breathe. This may require that they are put on ventilator support to help them breathe normally.

The inflammation in question often makes the small blood vessels leaky and allows fluid to collect in the lung tissues. This just goes to increase the pressure on the small pouches which help in exchanging the air leading them to close up.

This can make it very hard for the patient to breathe. In conditions like these, it is crucial that the patient is supported in breathing with the help of ventilator while the treatment of the ailment continues simultaneously.


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