Cardiovascular nursing care


Cardiovascular nursing care

Critical Care Nursing is an important part of Nursing with a focus of complete care of the patients. Journal of Intensive and Critical Care Nursing is a newly launched Open access, Peer-reviewed scientific journal which will be dedicated to promote the scientific community dealing with utmost care of critically ill patients in the area of Critical Care Nursing, Intensive Care Medicine, Emergency and Critical Care.

Patients with Cardiac Problems

Patients that are suffering from very low or very high blood pressure, or those that have just had a heart attack or are suffering from an unstable heart rhythm, often need constant observation.

The Intensive Care Unit ensures that patients suffering from heart problems get the monitoring they require.

People who have just undergone heart surgery are often prone to infections or other serious risks. This makes it crucial that these patients are admitted in the ICU in order to ensure that they are constantly monitored for anything that might go wrong with their health.

For heart attack patients the first 24 to 48 hours are crucial, it is the time span when their health will be the most unstable.

This time is usually spent in the coronary care unit, or the CCU, of the hospital. CCU is an intensive care unit for heart patients. Heart patients need constant monitoring because their situation may change at any point in time and could require immediate intervention.

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